Variety of projects

Continued development of chain of garage businesses (Automotive)


We were called in to refocus strategic perspectives while maintaining the continued development and growth of a substantial chain of garage businesses commissioned by Intersprint, a client of Deloitte. Intersprint is Europe’s biggest tyre wholesaler, with sales of over a billion euros. Apart from tyres, it also has batteries, rims, tow-balls, exhausts and MOT testing in its portfolio. We altered its development planning, service provision and product portfolio and added new branches.


Data storage (FD Gazelle Award)


BringingTechnologyGarden from a start-up to a recognized Benelux player in a niche market for data storage within three years, in co-creation with a Nasdag listed US multinational. TechnologyGarden received an FD Gazelle Award (an initiative of the Dutch financial newspaper Financieel Dagblad, KPMG, ABN AMRO bank and Graydon) for its performance: an honour and encouragement for very fast-growing companies. After TechnologyGarden was divested, it grew further to become a European player with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Scandinavia.


Air Operator (Commercial Aviation)


We took care of drafting, development planning, funding and completing a business plan to produce an operational Dutch Air Operator (AOC) Sky Aircraft Service / Sky Express for the business market. The escalating congestion at Schiphol Airport became the significant driver. Check-in time is faster for business travellers flying in their “own” aircraft and they have a choice of over 1000 European airports. Maximum efficiency, speed, flexibility and comfort at an attractive rate.


Clean Tech Industry


We supported the organisational development and the formation of a management team for a start-up with the right experience, knowledge and competencies on board to enable the business to grow very quickly. This involved coaching part of the management team. The business has left its start-up phase behind it and now employs 150 FTE in more than eight countries. The company is extremely innovative, fast-growing and very successful! Its capitalised value is now over 200 million euros.


Restructuring (crane company)


Contractor for the reorganisation and restructuring needed for a family-run firm that had come to a standstill. This involved redundancies, redistribution of work, sale of capital equipment, financial restructuring, tightening up of commercial chapter, cost restructuring and more. A good foundation (lean & mean) was laid for renewed growth and the business is back and doing well. The workforce began working on continuity for the next few years with renewed energy.


Turnaround (bottling plant)


Contractor charged with implementing a Turnaround for a large bottling plant in the Randstad, the urban conglomeration in the west of the Netherlands. The business was transformed in just over three years’ time from a sluggish company performing inadequately into an energetic, efficient and well-organised business with a motivated workforce. Following a successful Turnaround, production could increase further without choking operations. The company’s future looks bright, it is making a profit and has seen its commercial opportunities grow tremendously.


Refocusing purpose/operation of real estate


We redeveloped real estate and an operational model to put a listed building in a deplorable state on the right road to renewed growth. We were responsible for the draft, development planning, funding and renovation/restoration through to completion according to a new operational model with a regional function.


Business case analyses, development planning, reorganisation and implementation


Residence for senior people operating more than 120 apartments and a surface area covering 14,000 m2 in the Randstad, the urban conglomeration in the western part of the Netherlands. The organisation was taken into a new phase in a fast-changing sector. A change of course and badly needed reorganisation was implemented to benefit continuity, sound operation of the real estate and an appropriate service portfolio. Sustainability, comfortable living conditions, security and energy-neutrality were the central themes.

Foothold European Continent (service/logistics/production)


In co-creation with an international accountant and tax advisor, we conducted a study into the possibilities for expanding a successful North American white goods business onto the European continent and achieving further growth. This involved research, analysis, development planning, business development and implementation.

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