Culture and values

ValueGarden is a cooperative company. Our professioansl are permanently and fully committed to the business and have equal responsibility for achieving the best results for the business and its clientele.

It was an explicit decision to choose the cooperativecompany as a corporate structure. It set the tone. It gave ValueGarden sufficient scope to set itself apart in the sector right from the start: a flat, clear structure with a fair distribution of tangible matters.

The ValueGarden professionals have a clear-cut opinion of and attitude towards the way in which they deal with each other, their clients and the environment. This gives them the opportunity to work on the basis of a new equilibrium, to be able to focus to the full on their assignment and to excel in achieving results for our clients.

ValueGarden is an informal organisation, unhindered by hierarchical structures and bureaucracy and the need to prescribe everything. There’s nothing wrong with structure, but it has to be functional and supportive.

In contrast to other, more conservative business models, themes such as sustainability, true engagement with our clients, a realistic revenue model, awareness of our footprint and “People-Planet-Profit” are at the forefront.

We care for quality

It goes without saying that it is quite natural for our people to collaborate and exchange knowledge and experience. Focusing on our client’s situation, we make sure we assign the best team to them. The lack of a culture built around financial incentives and bonuses makes it possible to concentrate on our client’s assignment. In this way we can guarantee wide-ranging monitoring of quality and integrity. Our professionals jointly ensure that the firms aims and approach are respected and they monitor the way the work performed is implemented. After all’s said and done, “The quality of the milk the various farmers bring to the cooperative every day must be and remain good!”

Our people attach importance to values such as trust, honesty, transparency, a shared vision, not being afraid to say ‘no’, respect for our clients, colleagues and all the others in the ValueGarden ecosystem. We like to reduce things to the essentials!

Our culture is one of solidarity, engagement, responsibility, interest, enthusiasm and the drive to achieve the best and most sustainable result for our clients as well as one that regards effective collaboration as normal and something that can be improved every day!


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