Aim & Approach

ValueGarden helps organisations in the Netherlands and further afield to develop and implement the best concepts and scenarios to enable them to continue to grow sustainably. In so doing, we do not automatically take growth to mean more turnover and higher margins. After all, it’s not always a question of wanting to be the biggest. An organisation must be able to absorb growth responsibly. We enable organisations to flourish sustainably.

Our primary aim is to develop well thought out suggestions for solutions to organisational issues that will lead to the most effective strategy and then implement it to the client’s maximum satisfaction.

The work is done by experts who specialise in such themes as creativity, innovation and sustainability besides their own area of expertise. Everything is done on the basis of good work, meticulously carried out. Turning objectives and strategic perspectives into successful business cases: that’s our aim!



Development of strategy and implementation

We prefer to implement the chosen concepts and strategy ourselves to be sure that its conversion to working practice is also a success. And that working practice may also mean that opportunities for change and improvement lead to the setting up of a new enterprise.

Can you remember when you were last given comprehensive, valuable advice that didn’t just got pushed into a drawer and forgotten!

Comprehensive approach

ValueGarden develops the best scenarios for sustainable growth for organizations with a healthy ambition to expand the business as well as organizations with an urgent need for change. Without exception, we take a comprehensive approach with a committed multi-disciplinary team right from the start; we want to ensure nothing is missed. Like a team of specialists round the operating table: experts with extensive knowledge and experience in their field, who are confidently engaged by entrepreneurs and decision-makers to examine business issues. We look at the assignment from a broad perspective, draw up a thoroughgoing action plan, propose various options for solutions and take care of the implementation of the chosen scenario. We appoint a dedicated contact at ValueGarden who remains responsible for the process and for communicating with the client on behalf of the team throughout the entire project. This contact person is also part of the team.

Business Model Generation

In terms of methods and tooling we prefer “Business Model Generation” and "Value Proposition" by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur. It is feasible and inspiring for all layers within the organization, top to bottom.

ValueGarden does not believe in thick reports after all being pushed into drawers and forgotten, but in a meticulous analysis that briefly and concisely reflects the current situation. We believe in advice that includes proposing the best possible solutions, followed by implementing the chosen solution as effectively and fast as possible.

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